• Magic World™ mobile WIFI Microscope Camera (iPhone)


    FLASH SALE – BUY NOW AND GET 10% DISCOUNT. ENTER CODE AT CHECKOUT: TODAYMAGIC This portable WIFI microscope camera for tablets and smartphones using Android & iOS (iPhone OS) lets you discover a whole new magic microscopic world, beautiful in colors, details and shapes. This will change your perception of the infinitely small world that you have around you. If you have an iPhone (iOS 8.0 and over) or iPad, you definitively…

  • Magic World™ USB Portable Microscope Camera

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    FLASH SALE – BUY NOW AND GET 10% DISCOUNT. ENTER CODE AT CHECKOUT: TODAYMAGIC iPhone users:  this version doesn’t work with iPhone. If you have an iPhone you should buy the other model: HERE NEW: Since recently we send you 2 extra adapters: USB-C and Micro-USB (FREE, VALUE: $19.95) with the microscope to make sure you can physically connect it to your phone. This portable magic microscope camera…

  • world explorer watch

    The World Explorer Watch


    Produced for people who dare to explore the world, created with subtle details in a modern and minimalist style. For all passionate travelers, we have taken great care to ensure that the world gets the attention it deserves. New in various colors to fit your style, the watch guides you on to your next trip, adventure or it…

  • Ugreen hard drive enclosure

    UGREEN 2.5 HDD/SSD Protective Case

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    The UGREEN 2.5 HDD/SSD Case is currently on sale for a limited time. Protective Case for Hard Drives 2.5-Inch USB-C Ideal for harnessing your old 2.5″HDD and SSD hard drive as an external hard drive, this enclosure offers an easy way for booting It’s ideal for repurposing your old 2.5″‘ HDD or SSD hard drive…

  • internal SSD hard drive for laptop PC

    1TB SSD HARD DRIVE Sata3 for PC laptop – Xraydisk

     58,83 298,95

    TLC flash of excellent quality, along with an industry-leading high-quality controller. Plastic case with a 7mm thickness that is simple to install in desktop and laptop computers. Desktops, notebooks, micro computers, all-in-one computers, and other commercial PCs are all compatible. This SSD internal hard drive is shock-proof, long-lasting, and very reliable. The maximum read speed is 550…

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